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Denise Lloyd

HC Social Care Fiascoes

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Whilst looking on the HC News website for confirmation of something I heard about NMITE (which I failed to find) I happened across the 2 links relating to the Social Care recent cases. 

Thought I would post them before they are mysteriously removed



I have not yet read them but feel they will make for very uncomfortable and worrying reading


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Hard to say anything about these cases other than they're truly appalling, even more so that the abuse, for that it was it amounts to, has gone on for 10 years in the one case. According to the HT, "council officers will today brief councillors 'in secret' about two recent fiascos affecting the county’s children’s services". It must surely be the case that those responsible for ruining these children's lives and mentally scarring them for life have to be brought to book. Jumping ship to another authority and just carrying on isn't acceptable. 

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