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A University for Hereford

16 Mar 2015

Posted by Harry Beynon in Hereford City
Unless I have missed something, there does not appear to have been much mention on Hereford Voice of the new University project.

This project is quite possibly the most positive news the city has had in decades. As Herefordshire is one of only three counties without a University, the initiative is government-backed and will happen! This opens up the prospect of thousands of new students and teaching staff coming to Hereford, boosting spending and stimulating the local economy.

More excitingly, the University plans to take up many of the redundant buildings in the city centre and use them as teaching spaces. So, we could see new life breathed into Maylords Orchards; Chadds; the old Odeon site etc etc.

Please back the new University project - it's great news for Hereford!

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...and Here's How Our Urban Streets Should Look...


Posted by Amanda Martin in Open Forum

I attended a hustings in Dinedor on Friday when Cllr Peter Sinclair-Knipe assured the audience that he was very much in favour of the new Southern Link Road. This, you will recall,  is the Cabinet's shameful roadbuilding swan song which will spawn acres of shoddy new hutches and a big fat profit for house builders south of Hereford.  It would also  incidentally,  ruin Jean and Michael Harris's beautiful garden, although Cllr Sinclair-Knipe didn't mention that bit, probably because he doesn't care.

Inevitably, the subject of the Council's pi*% poor record on transport came up.  
I was guillotined for not phrasing my contribution as a question but blatantTory plants were allowed to speak at will about footpaths, stiles and what a wonderful job farmers and the Council are doing in looking after the countryside.

Meanwhile Cllr Sinclair-Knipe, with his massive expertise and broad perspective in this field, was getting into his stride with an incoherent stream of party briefing key words like "jobs" "growth" and "market forces" and shrewdly anticipated the argument I would have made had I not been cut off with "When you say THE CONTINENT, you mean HOLLAND !  Cycling is all very well but YOU WON'T GET PEOPLE OUT OF THEIR CARS" and HOLLAND is FLAT and what about when it's RAINING and *cue triumphant chuckle*,  you can't get much shopping on a BIKE can you and, and, and (pause for tweeting birds)" ...................people haven't got TIME !!"      Apparently, though we all have time to sit in traffic jams. 


Now Julian's walking round the house repeating "YOU WON'T GET PEOPLE OUT OF THEIR CARS........"  
and suggesting Cllr S-K  probably drives along in his Turbo deluxe f*c _king Shogan tank with a shotgun pointing out of each window blasting peasants and wildlife.  


Here's another gem: " It's all very well all these arts festivals, but WHO"S GOING TO PAY FOR THEM? EH? EH? The businesses? ARE THEY GOING TO PAY??"       Not very "Big Society".  

....and here's how our urban streets should look

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Nobody Discussing Healthcare?

24 Apr 2015

Posted by dazza333 in Open Forum
Why are none of you even slightly touching the subject of healthcare? Is it that you are happy to be treated by a hospital that has proven to be substandard? (CQC report on Wye Valley Trust, Oct 14)This hospital is in special measures and a 'Death Tracker' has been implemented by the CQC because it has the highest death rate in the UK..........discuss...

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Countdown to General Election 7th May 2015

28 Dec 2014

Posted by megilleland in Open Forum
An important year for all concerned. Let's hope that it turns out better this time round - I have had enough of this government's inflicted misery. Only 65% of the electorate voted with 36.1% of them voting Conservative, 29% voting Lib Dem, 23% voting and 11.9% voting for others.
Any ideas on which way this years election is going to pan out? I imagine we will be told all the usual lies leading up to the general election and find ourselves, back where we started, in the mire again. No change for the plebs.
An interesting article in The Mail on Sunday by Sir Roy Strong looking ahead to what 2015 has in store. Found I agreed with a lot he said.
A distinguished commentator's brilliant analysis of what the New Year has in store: Our longest serving monarch? Meltdown for the ruling class? Historian and author SIR ROY STRONG says: Roll on, 2015!
The Queen will become Britain's longest-serving monarch on September 9, surpassing the reign of her great-great grandmother Queen Victoria
Next year sees a milestone in British history. On September 9, our present monarch will have reigned longer than her great-great-grandmother, Queen Victoria, making her the longest serving in our history. 
Like Victoria, Elizabeth II has come in old age to be a hugely venerated figure. The majority of the population cannot remember a time without her. Indeed, most Britons will have been born during her reign.
And yet there remains the fact that we are at the close of the second Elizabethan age. Students of history will tell you that the final years of any era are characterised by uncertainty. 
Certainly, the modus operandi of the House of Windsor – a style that was set by Edward VII and has continued pretty much unaltered ever since – will eventually have to change to meet the challenges of a new generation and a new century.
We are unlikely to witness that change in 2015, because we are fortunate in having a monarch who seems set for more years of being both happy and glorious. But putting that piece of good news to one side, few people will deny that there is a general malaise in society, a feeling of unease, dissatisfaction and disillusionment.
I don’t think that in all my 80 years (I will be that age next August) I have registered such an all-pervading sense of the lack of direction. Who are we and where are we going? We no longer seem to know.
In my lifetime there was the clear and optimistic post-war vision of the 1940s and 1950s in the Welfare State after the deprivation of the war. It gave the population free healthcare and access to the talented, by means of grants and scholarships, to higher education.
Then came the ‘you’ve never had it so good’ era of Harold Macmillan, which lifted the material living standards of the average citizen to undreamed of heights. After the ghastly, turbulent blip of the 1970s came the Thatcherite vision of a free enterprise society, rewarding energy and hard work by banishing the chains of state ownership and bureaucracy.
Yet David Cameron’s initial concept of the ‘Big Society’ vanished down the tubes pretty quickly, to be followed by his somewhat dispiriting ‘We’re all in this together’. And indeed so we are, but it seems with no sign of ever getting out of it.
The General Election in May is certainly going to be one of, if not the, landmark elections since 1945.
Until now, the various parties presented visions as to where we were heading, ones which the different constituent parts of the island could share – whether urban or rural, north or south. Alas, with the advent of the campaign for Scottish independence, any hope of such united aspirations is vanishing fast.
The irony is that the initial loss of the vote for independence, which was thought to be the last word on the topic, has in fact turned out to be the exact reverse. In many ways it has intensified the campaign and brought retribution on the Labour Party north of the border.
We forget that the Union is only 300 years old and wasn’t popular then. Scotland has a separate legal system and national church among a litany of other institutions that spell separation rather than togetherness.
And then where does the monarchy fit into this new scheme of things? Strictly speaking, the Queen is Elizabeth I of Scotland and II of England; an adjustment to her formal title should have been made in 1998, the year of devolution. We seem to have forgotten that the monarchy, seen from afar, is to the majority of the Scots a remote, south of England institution.
If the end result of the devolution vote is that the Scottish Labour Party goes under, it will only add to a scenario of the dissolution of the existing political configurations.
In the case of the somewhat goofy Ed Miliband, he will discover it really is true (as one commentator wrote recently) that his party now represents a section of society that no longer exists.
In the case of the Conservatives, there will be losses to Ukip and who knows what fissures in the case of the Liberal Democrats. But do not worry. British history tells us that every so often there’s a meltdown to meet the needs of a new era – 2015 could be one of those moments. Roll on, I say.
What all of this also reflects is the public’s total disillusionment with the political class. They are seen as a self-perpetuating oligarchy who make politics their career and who rarely have any experience of a workshop floor. They are now cast as a self-seeking, righteous clique whose last desire is to reform itself.
The so-called reform of the House of Lords remains an unresolved constitutional mess. No one either has achieved the redrawing of the constituency boundaries, which is another scandal. And all of that we owe to political in-fighting with never a thought for the wider public, which ostensibly our MPs serve.
And where, one may ask, are the giants of vision and oratory? Gone, gone, seemingly for ever. What we listen to most of the time are ventriloquists’ dummies articulating what the last focus group told them to say. We live in the golden age of box-ticking and don’t forget it. Whatever else is taught at Eton it cannot include the art of oratory.
Just to add to the fun of the fair, there’s another anniversary in 2015 – the battle of Waterloo, the heroic moment when the Duke of Wellington led the pan-European forces not far from Brussels and in the aftermath of the Duchess of Richmond’s famous ball to a glorious victory over the army of Napoleon Bonaparte. Will we celebrate this? Or will we, as happened on the 300th anniversary of the Union of England and Scotland in 2007, sweep it under the carpet in the interests of togetherness and ever-closer union?
On the horizon in 2017, if the Conservatives return to power, is a referendum as to whether we stay part of the European Union. What is striking, looking back to 1973 when we joined it, is that the longer we are part of the Union, the more unhappy and uneasy we seem to become.
We were certainly part of the Roman Empire but not the Holy Roman Empire or the one of Napoleon. Indeed, the whole of our history has been in the opposite direction, with the defeat of the Spanish Armada, of the armies of both Louis XIV and the French Emperor, not to mention a German Emperor and Hitler.
The polls show a nation divided as to whether to be in or out. Both legislation and decision-making in Brussels seem increasingly to impinge on what has set us apart. Globalisation also threatens the island in another way.
Much that is brewing for the luckless voters next May to think about stems – I suspect – from facts that government knows about, but which we don’t. David Cameron’s sudden concern with immigration and a desire to reach some kind of curbing on the influx would suggest that the true figures of that influx are way in excess of what we are told.
What it spells out to me is that the Government has done a forward projection in what that huge explosion in our population on a tiny island will mean in terms of social provision, education, welfare and benefits as the century progresses.
They have to be added to the cost of providing for an ageing population. We are still up to our eyes in debt and it is taken for granted by all parties that whoever comes to power must cut yet again. None of that bodes well.
There are other divisions which could also fester. It is clear to me that sorting out a resentful England may in the long run be more of a nightmare than sorting out Scotland. Living, as I do, in the shires, I am more than conscious that rural England counts for nothing in the eyes of the political class. 
The Countryside Alliance’s march on London was the biggest demonstration that the city has ever seen since the Chartists in the Victorian period. And yet their demands were ignored. There has been a huge revival of local loyalties in the last couple of decades and a strong revulsion against the dominance of London the city state. 
In the past, when both Lords and Commons was made up of people who came from and had been born and worked in the counties, there was constant interplay. The old hereditary Lords had their hands in the soil of their locality. All gone. When I go to London now I enter a different world aware, on any bus ride, that I am one of the few who speaks English.
How ironic that 2015 also sees the 800th anniversary of Magna Carta, the Great Charter of 1215 that limited the power of an autocratic and unpopular monarch, marked the beginning of the idea that the people should be consulted and, in the long term, led to parliamentary democracy. I’ve no doubt the anniversary will be marked by an outburst of self-congratulation by our MPs. They should be ones of mourning as to how far they’ve dragged the institution down into disrepute.
Its most famous clause reads: ‘No freeman shall be arrested, or kept in prison… or banished, or in any way brought to ruin… unless by lawful judgment of his peers or by the law of the land.’ Try telling that to British citizens held without trial as part of the so-called War on Terror.
So 2015 is not going to be an easy year. There’s an absence of ‘bread and circuses’ to take the public’s minds and eyes away from what might be cruel realities. There’s no Royal jubilee, only a second child for the Duchess of Cambridge to cheer us on our way.
Nor is there an equivalent of the Olympics with its apotheosis of our Health Service, which appears to be on its last legs. One bonus is that we are officially at peace after two disastrous wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, neither of which we could afford. Long may that peace last.
Looking back, we are right to feel aggrieved by the political class. They have, in fact, betrayed us. They have perpetually promised things that they could not deliver. When I think of them, a line from the old Book of Common Prayer confession comes to mind: ‘We have left undone those things which we ought to have done. And we have done those things which we ought not to have done and there is no health in us.’
One of their worst crimes has been to spend money which we haven’t got in a perpetual quest to stay in office. I am of the generation that will not have to pay the price for that wanton prodigality. My heart goes out to the next two generations who will have to suffer and meet the bill. That, sadly, will be the story of Britain in the 21st Century.
This disillusionment with politicians and the whole political system has already bred a desire to look elsewhere for leadership. Sooner or later there will be a vacuum to be filled. The figure that fills that space at the moment is the one unfaltering human being who alone has remained true to the oath she swore at her Coronation – the Queen.
As she stands on the threshold of becoming the longest reigning monarch in a thousand years of British history, it is safe to say that she has steadfastly served her people with an old-fashioned sense of duty, service and patriotism which should remain a source of inspiration for each and every one of us – not least our discredited politicians. Long may she reign!


Oh and by the way I hope everyone had a Happy Christmas, as it looks as if 2015 is not going to be a prosperous year for many of us.

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Still only been there once.


Posted by Adrian symonds in Edgar Street Grid

Only been to the old market once since it opened and that was in Waitrose. Anyone else who have not really bothered with the place or think that it offers nothing for them?


It do not offer anything for me to be honest. It is the posh part of the city.


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Traffic Lights Campaign - Part -Time Lights 7pm-7am

18 Apr 2014

Posted by Colin James in Open Forum

I have now implemented phase II of our traffic lights campaign and that is in the form of a petition from the very start!


[Please note that this is totally separate to our lights out campaign. This petition deals only with the traffic lights at night]



We would like both the Highways Agency and Herefordshire Council to allow the traffic lights at the junctions
where the A465 meets the A49 (Asda roundabout/junction) and
where the A49 meets the A438 Newmarket St (Old Market roundabout/junction)
to become part-time signals during non peak times from 7pm-7am
with exception to the pedestrian crossings which would still be in operation for the safety of pedestrians.
All of these traffic lights are relatively pointless during off peak times and often motorists become frustrated and impatient while being forced to sit at red lights, this can often be at 2am when there are clearly no other vehicles in sight!
By signing our petition you are in strong favour of these signals being changed to PART-TIME status from 7pm-7am


Please read the petition and you can offer your support by simply signing it. 



Part-Time Traffic Lights Petition Here

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Lucy Hurds Sign & Election Rules


Posted by Colin James in Belmont

I was under the impression that candidates have rules to abide by when campaigning and from my understanding one of those strict rules is that you cannot put up your signage within a certain distance of a Polling Station, well, I think this sign of Lucy Hurds is pretty close don't you think? 



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Newton Farm Skate Park.

23 Apr 2015

Posted by Pete Redding in Newton Farm

Newton Farm Skate Park has provided many years of skating for countless young people over the years. Herefordshire Housing is considering investing in a project to bring the park up to date. I have started a Facebook community page to share news and gather peoples opinions. Please take a few minutes to check the page out ( www.facebook.com/skatenewtonfarm ) and if possible complete the online survey that can be found there. This is a great chance to see something fabulous created in your neighbourhood.

If anyone has photos of the old park being built or any photos of it in use that they would like to share - please feel free to add them.

The page is open to the public so please keep that in mind when selecting the words you post.....

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Cllr. Phil Edwards & The Oval Toilets

18 Apr 2015

Posted by Bill Thomas in The Oval

While I understand and appreciate that there is an election coming up and each candidate has a budget with which they can use for their own campaigns, surely this is private property (I believe was purchased by Mr Cheung some years ago) so Cllr. Edwards has no right to advertise himself here without permission? Which I know for sure he will not have because the council have been trying to locate the Chinese owner for sometime.


 Oval Toilet.jpg


Oval Toilets 1.jpg

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Herefordshire Council Elections 2015

03 Apr 2015

Posted by dippyhippy in Open Forum

A Herefordshire Council planner, Ange Tyler, has given up her job to stand as an Independent candidate in the Aylestone ward. Full story over at Hereford Times.


Tim Price is to stand as an Independent in Whitecross.


Amanda Martin is standing for IOC in Widemarsh.


Anybody know of any more.....??!

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Use Trams On Great Western Way

01 Apr 2015

Posted by Colin James in Open Forum

I have for a long time campaigned to have the traffic lights on the southern routes into Hereford to be turned off becuase from evidence obtained in various formats it has been proved that the traffic certainly flows better when these traffic lights have been off or out of order. They could certainly been made to operate part-time at off peak times 8pm-7am


I have also pondered on how to take some of the pressure from these main roads and after a lot of thought I suggested turning the Great Western Way into a road, then after debates with some other members we came up with an even better idea, use a tram system! Back and forth still allowing room for pedestrains and cyclists.




The GWW in Hereford runs right from the top of Redhill/Newton Farm and could go all the way down through Hunderton and over the river bridge past the rugby club and Sainsburys, continuing down parallel with Edgar Street at the back of the Theatre, continuing past Currys and almost to the back of Dunlem opposite the Leisure Centre. I am not 100% sure where the track ends but I will take a walk this weekend, weather permitting and have a look.


Campaign For Better Transport Website

While trains move lots of people quickly over a long distance and buses move smaller numbers of people, and for shorter journeys, trams are more flexible than trains - because they stop more often - and faster and more reliable than the bus.


Mr Albert Heijn from the Left Bank, I beleive once offered some years ago to fully fund such a project but from my undersatnding the HC refused the idea.


As most of the traffic, according the the HA is 90% for local trips back and forth surely this is an option worth consdering especially as we already have the old railway line available with some work to bring it up to date of course.


Your thoughts on this idea/campaign would be appreciated.

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its our county

10 Apr 2015

Posted by Jon stannard in Open Forum
Here's the new livery going on my van Tuesday,
Any candidates want me to fly the flag in thier ward, let me know.

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Freedom church members running for councillors

21 Apr 2015

Posted by Jimbo in Open Forum
Should members of the freedom church be able to run for the position of ward councillor without telling everyone they are a member of this church?

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UKIP Nigel Ely gets a parking ticket

19 Apr 2015

Posted by Paul Jones in Hereford City

I thought this was hilarious, UKIP candidate Nigel Ely given a parking ticket whilst canvassing in Hereford, this was yesterday apparently. Strangley the vehicle he uses for his campaign is a US military truck?  




photos from Your Herefordshire

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Hereford Locality Weekly Briefing – W/E 24th April 2015

24 Apr 2015

Posted by Colin James in Open Forum




Dear Councillors and Parish Clerks,


I am pleased to report that the reactive team has completed the following works during the last week:


  • 128 square metres of carriageway patching
  • 7 square metres of footway patching
  • 21 gully’s cleaned
  • 2 gully repairs
  • 8 fly tips removed
  • 32 kerb defects fixed
  • 46 footway blocks/slabs re-set
  • 360 linear metres of ditching works carried out.


Update from Shane - (City South – Belmont, St Martins & Hinton, and Tupsley Wards; Rural – Backbury and Hollington Wards)


Amongst the above works the following was completed –


Hollington Ward

·         Pothole and carriageway patching repairs on C1266 near to Holme Lacy House

·         Pothole repair Witherstone Lane

·         Ditching works on C1266

·         Fly-tip collected form Chapel Road


St Martins Ward

·         Pothole and carriageway deterioration patching works in Hinton Road

·         Pothole and gully repair in Holme Lacy Road

·         Fly-tip collected from Honddu Close


Tupsley Ward

·         Pothole and carriageway deterioration patching works in Church Road

·         Litter bin repair in Whittern Way


Some of the issues I have addressed this week  –


  • Removal of overhanging, fallen tree along bridleway MF6
  • Monthly inspection of A roads
  • Monthly inspection of B roads
  • Minor footbridge repairs on PROW HB1
  • Raised works order for carriageway patching in Hunderton Road
  • Raised order for repairs to chicane in Waterfield Road following road traffic collision damage
  • Raised order for new traffic signs in Belmont Road following liaison with the Police
  • Raised order in respect of blocked gully on A4103 at Shucknall
  • Cut down tree branches overhanging footpath in Ledbury Road
  • Raised works order for pothole repair in Hinton Crescent
  • Raised works order in respect of kerb defect in Hinton Road
  • Approved dropped crossing application in Falstaff Road
  • Carried out litter pick around Northholme Community Centre
  • Various enquiries in respect of trees


Update from Mike (City North – Aylestone, Central, St Nicholas, and Three Elms Wards; Rural – Credenhill and Hagley Wards)


This week I have – 


·         Completed the monthly A road inspection with Shane

·         Completed the monthly B road inspection with Shane

·         Completed the monthly walked City Centre inspection

·         Attended a multi agency meeting at the Town Hall

·         Approved a scaffolding license application in Green Street

·         Raised a number of c/way & f/way repairs in Folly lane

·         Raised a number of works orders for c/way repairs in Barton Road

·         Reported on 2 x possible unlicensed skips deposited on the public highway

·         Raised a works order for repairs to Mill Lane street name plate Credenhill

·         Raised a works order to replace a damaged pedestrian guardrail Station Road Credenhill

·         Raised a number of c/way pothole repairs to the C1099 junction with A 480 Credenhill

·         Raised c/way patch repairs to Sheridan Road

·         Raised works order for resurfacing works to Welford Green footway

·         Raised a Cat 1 defect to a dangerous brick wall in Ecroyd Park Credenhill

·         Made safe and raised a works order for repairs to a damaged drainage cover in Cranwell Drive Credenhill

·         Raised  works order for overgrown vegetation to be cut back Sherrington Drive jct with Yazor Road


Phil Pankhurst has sent his briefing separately.


Surplus de-icing product


BBLP recently trialled a de-icing solution which has subsequently not been taken into routine use as it is not suitable for the type of highway use we require. It is however potentially suitable for use in a number of community type settings, perhaps in churchyards, entrances to residential care homes, and so on. The surplus is available free of charge to any Parish Council/Community Group that thinks they could use it. I’ve attached a data sheet but essentially the solution is most effective when sprayed on footpaths, yard areas or similar when icy conditions are forecast (to prevent ice forming) rather than after the event. The solution comes in 25 litre drums and as it needs to be sprayed any group taking up the offer would need a simple spray container/device. An opportunity maybe to get ahead of the game in preparation for next winter. If you are interested let Mike or I know.


Herefordshire Council website is the one-stop-shop for up to date information

Maps for pot holes are available on the Councils website –



We hope the above is of interest.


Kind regards

Shane & Mike.


Shane Hancock | Senior Locality Steward (Hereford – City South)

Balfour Beatty Living Places | Unit 3, Thorn Business Park | Rotherwas | Hereford | HR2 6JT

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Petition For Part-Time Traffic Lights

Part-Time Traffic Lights Petition

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