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Hereford Fire Station Planning Application

01 Sep 2014

Posted by Aylestone Voice in Open Forum


Sorry I cannot get it to link to the Council site


I also thought it should be a new topic

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New Black Bins, Max 4 Bags a Fortnight - f*** Off

04 Aug 2014

Posted by Biomech in Open Forum

In the Hereford Times this week(?) there's a piece on the new black bins that will be delivered and a picture of some **** councillor.

It states - and is corroborated on the council website*, that these black wheelie bins must;


Not exceed 4 black bags

Each black bag to not exceed 15kg

Each bag should not exceed 410 x 760 x 915mm


Are you having a ******* laugh? Can we get some councillor's input on this please? Maybe the bellend in the paper who thinks this is a good idea.

4 black bags per FORTNIGHT, some families have that per week, this is absolutely ridiculous.


And let me guess, if we exceed the "limits" you'll leave the rubbish on our doorstep with a note, leaving it for 4 weeks just to refuse it again because now it's double.


I tell you what, my rubbish goes in my bin, I pay you pricks to collect it, if you refuse to collect it, I'll be making missed rubbish calls to get you back out and that's going to start to cost you a hell of a lot more.


Also, as I never had response to this before, explain to me what's going to happen as central government are planning to make fortnightly collections illegal. 


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Looking forward to voting in the 2015 General Election

13 Sep 2014

Posted by megilleland in Open Forum
First published Friday 12 September 2014 in Hereford Times News by Adam Knight

UKIP has announced its 2015 candidate for North Herefordshire, their unsuccessful 2010 runner Jonathan Oakton
Campaigning on a platform of increasing pensions and doubling the territorial army Mr Oakton won 2, 701 votes, good for fourth place in the constituency at the last general election.
Finishing behind the 'big three' traditional parties, he saw off Green Party candidate Felicity Norman (1,533) who last month announced that she would be passing the torch to her 27-year-old daughter Daisy Blench ahead of next year’s election.
However with UKIP enjoying a surge in popularity since 2010, Mr Oakton will be hoping to mount a serious challenge to unseat Conservative incumbent Bill Wiggin.
The 56-year-old hopeful will be meeting and greeting at Kington Show tomorrow, where UKIP have a stand.


WD Wiggin (Conservative Party) 24,631 votes - 51.8% votes won
LA Hurds (Liberal Democrat) 14,744 votes - 31.0% votes won
N Sabharwal (Labour Party) 3,373 votes - 7.1% votes won
JP Oakton (United Kingdom Independence Party) 2,701 votes - 5.7% votes won
FM Norman (Green Party) 1,533 votes - 3.2% votes won
EJ King (Independent) 586 votes - 1.2% votes won
Looks like a tall order with all the votes split between other parties.

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Is this where democracy is going?

09 Sep 2013

Posted by megilleland in Open Forum
MPs will vote on new government plans to gag charities and campaigners for a year before elections. If it goes through, from next May 38 Degrees and a whole host of other organisations will be banned from holding politicians and political parties to account like we do now.
You might have heard about the “gagging law” currently being voted on by MPs. If you haven’t heard of it, it’s really bad news. If it goes through, it will have a chilling effect on British democracy and on our right to speak up on the issues that matter to us.
Basically, the law slashes the spending limits on campaigning for the year before any election. Campaigns that have impact don’t cost the earth, but they aren’t free.
Community groups, charities and campaigning organisations would all be hit. Election time is when ordinary people have the most influence on our politicians. On the big issues of the day – whether or not to go to war, the future of our NHS, the environment, welfare, immigration, etc. – we'd all be gagged.
The problem is that this law has come out of nowhere and not many people have heard what’s going on. If we’re going to defeat it, we need to get the word out further. If every single person who’s ever joined a local campaign group or taken action with their favourite charity knew that they could be stopped from doing that again, the outcry could explode.
Can you take a look, and then help get the word out by passing it on to your friends and family?

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Hereford in top 10 for car exhaust pollution

26 Sep 2014

Posted by megilleland in Open Forum
The top 10 dirtiest towns and cities also include St Albans and Brighton where pollution levels have breached EU safety limits along with congestion hotspots Cambridge and Chelmsford.
Lisburn, Hereford, Newry, Oxford and Norwich are also among those places named and shamed for high greenhouse exhaust gases.
Along with Peterborough, the cleanest cars are found in Portsmouth, Stirling, Worcester and Glasgow, as well as Birmingham, Durham, Sunderland, Exeter and Gloucester.
1. London: 176.95
2. St Albans: 165.52
3. Brighton: 165.34
4. Cambridge: 164.70
5. Chelmsford: 163.91
6. Lisburn: 163.73
7. Hereford: 163.67
8. Newry: 163.38
9. Oxford: 162.78
10. Norwich: 162.59 
1. Peterborough: 142.03
2. Portsmouth: 146.69
3. Stirling: 147.38
4. Worcester: 150.21
5. Glasgow: 150.35
6. Birmingham: 150.58
7. Durham: 151.36
8. Sunderland: 153.10
9. Exeter: 153.43
10. Gloucester: 154.08

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Decision notice. The Bullying of Disabled Council Staff

29 Aug 2014

Posted by WirralPC in Open Forum

Hello All,


I'm Paul Cardin from Wirral.  Here's a decision notice from the ICO referring to bullying of disabled people and pay offs in public money to Herefordshire County Council staff.  I believe a number of senior people have been encouraged to depart the council.


The ICO for their part are standing behind the council, and appear to be insisting that the disabled persons affected have been consulted, and don't want their data released or their personal privacy breached.  Is this true?  Some local people out there might know different.


This DN can be challenged and I believe the deadline is 10th September, if my maths is correct.


If it's going to be challenged, it needs to be QUICK !  My contact details should be relatively easy to track down with a search engine.



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Tipping Tree Branches

18 Aug 2011

Posted by Colin James in Belmont

I saw Cllr Powell here just after I took the above picture, and I explained that although Amey were cutting back weeds and bushes etc, they had not yet tackled the stumps, Cllr Powell informs me, that now, they are not sure if McDonalds own the land where the stumps are located and that the foundry is in the centre of the Newton Brook, and that they need to contact McDonalds to either instruct them to cut down the stumps or Amey will complete the work and invoice McDonalds, which sounds fine, ( I just knew that this would not be done today) I am just confused why this work was carried out last year by Amey, so did they not investigate who actually owns the land back then?

Anyway, I have arrived home from work, and was pleaseantly surprised, that at least what they have done, was done well in all fairness. (with exception to the stumps not being removed).


That said, Cllr Powell did mention to me a week or so ago, that our fly tipper had dumped a whole load of fur tree's in the same place as last year and that someone was going around to discuss pressing charges this time, only nobody was home when they called the other week. I was a little surprised that Amey did not take this away with them today while they were on site and send the culprit the bill, as it is all still there, and looks a right mess!! see below;



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Hereford wins gold in bloom competition !!!

29 Sep 2014

Posted by ragwert in Open Forum

Taken from Herefordshire Council web site

Hereford scooped gold in this year’s Britain in Bloom competition run by the Royal Horticultural Society.

Green-fingered Balfour Beatty Living Places (BBLP) helped secure the coveted accolade with vibrant floral displays.

Cllr Paul Rone, Herefordshire Council’s Cabinet Member for Highways, said he was delighted that the city had secured top horticultural honours.

“This is a wonderful award and richly deserved by everyone who has worked so hard to make the city an even more attractive place, both for the people who live here and for our visitors. 

“I am delighted that BBLP has been able to support this campaign which brings communities together and does something that genuinely brightens local environments.”

BBLP crews pulled out all the stops from designing colourful displays to reflect the 50th anniversary of the competition and the start of World War 1 to planting and maintaining the flower beds, planters and baskets.

Trevor Swindells, chairman of Hereford in Bloom, added: “I cannot praise the workforce of Balfour Beatty enough. They did a great job to ensure the judging went well.”

Sean Pockett, BBLP’s ground maintenance supervisor, spoke of the pride the whole team felt about the competition: “This is much more than just a job for us. We are hugely proud that the planting schemes we’ve nurtured have proved a hit with the Britain in Bloom judges.”

Among the colourful floral displays were swathes of poppies and many gold flowers to mark the two anniversaries.

Hereford in Bloom secured sponsorship to ensure the city bloomed and the City Council funded the watering.

Also, Pembridge and Lyonshall were awarded gold, Bromyard and Leominster were awarded silver gilt and Burghill picked up silver.

Judging criteria for the competition are: horticultural achievement, environmental responsibility and community participation.

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Rose Tinted Rags. Fundraising Event.

19 Aug 2014

Posted by bobby47 in Open Forum
The Gridknocker, who's currently in Spain finishing his second book, has tasked me with advertising the following event which will raise funds for our friends who are now settled in their new home at Union Walk, Hereford.
The event is titled Rose Tinted Rags Cotton Night Dance and will take place at The Richmond Place Club, 69, Edgar Street, Hereford, at 7.30pm, Saturday, 27th, September, 2014 and will feature Food, Ale, the pleasure of meeting me and live music from Hereford band, The Boy And The Flatpack Band. Admission is five pound on the door or tickets available for purchase at the premises of Rose Tinted Rags or Clever Betsy Arts and Crafts at 40, West Street, Leominster.
The Grid Knocker has paid for the function room, the live music, the food and the printing of the tickets and flyers which I've distributed around the City and all profits will go to the wonderful people at Rose Tinted Rags. reg charity no. 1096449.
That said, if you don't turn up and the whole thing falls flat on its face its me and the bloody Gridknocker who'll have to take the hit, so please, for a great cause, make an effort, buy a ticket or pay on the door and have a lovely night.
My very warmest regards to you all.

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Jesse votes No to further war in Iraq

27 Sep 2014

Posted by megilleland in Open Forum
Yesterday's vote on military action in Iraq
As you will know, Parliament was recalled yesterday so that MPs could debate the UK's response to the appalling terror now being waged by ISIL in Iraq and Syria. 
As in last year's vote on Syria, I reluctantly decided not to support the Government's motion.  I was not persuaded that our intervention would necessarily help the situation there, or indeed be in our long-term national interest.  However, there is also a more fundamental constitutional problem with such votes, and this was the focus of my remarks.  

The speech is short - we were only given three minutes - but I thought you might find it of interest.


26 Sep 2014 : Column 1351: 4.25 pm
Jesse Norman (Hereford and South Herefordshire) (Con): After six hours and many very good contributions on the substance of this debate, I want to consider the wider constitutional position in which we are placed. During the past decade or two, a convention has started to develop that, except in an emergency, major foreign policy interventions must be pre-approved by a vote in Parliament. The idea springs from honourable motives and it is understandable given the present climate of distrust in politics, but in my judgment it is nevertheless a serious mistake.
It is absolutely right for Parliament to insist on proper democratic accountability where military action is at stake through debates, questions and statements, but the requirement for a prior authorising vote of this House is very different. Yes, it is vital for parliamentarians to maintain the most unreserved communication with their constituents on this matter, as indeed it is on any matter of public importance, but the plain fact is that in matters of foreign policy, with a few signal exceptions, Members of the House are inevitably far less well informed than Ministers who follow and reflect on the issues every day. We do not have the same access to officials and advisers; we are not privy to diplomatic traffic or secret intelligence; and we are not briefed by, and may not demand briefings from, our armed forces.
As a large corporate body, we lack the capacity to react quickly and without warning to fast-changing events. The result is delay and a loss of agility and surprise, which ill serves our forces in the field.
Mr Allen: Will the hon. Gentleman give way?
Jesse Norman: I will not give way. I am afraid that there is no time.
Moreover, I suggest that as a matter of fundamental constitutional principle, extreme care should be exercised over when or whether the House is asked to vote on such matters in future. It is a basic purpose of Parliament —above all, of this Chamber—to hold the Government to account for their actions. It is for the Government, with all their advantages of preparation, information, advice and timeliness, to act, and it is then for this Chamber to scrutinise that action.
If Parliament itself authorises such action in advance, what then? It gives up part of its power of scrutiny; it binds Members in their own minds, rather than allowing them the opportunity to assess each Government decision on its own merits and circumstances; and instead of being forced to explain and justify their actions, Ministers can always take final refuge in saying, “Well, you authorised it.” Thus, far from strengthening Parliament, it weakens it and the Government: it weakens the dynamic tension between the two sides from which proper accountability and effective policy must derive.
On 3 April 1982, the House was recalled by Mrs Thatcher for the Falklands war debate. It was a Saturday—the first time that the House had been so recalled since Suez. Tempers were high. The atmosphere was one of crisis. The taskforce was about to sail. It was a matter of peace or war. The very sovereignty of this nation was at stake. Yet what was the motion that day? It was:
“That this House do now adjourn.”
26 Sep 2014 : Column 1352
When, in calmer days, the Government come to reflect on these proceedings, I hope that they will heed the wisdom in that—
Mr Speaker: Order.
4.28 pm


Good to see Jesse talking about democracy. The same approach could be argued in Herefordshire Council. Decisions made up in advance and the party majority voting them in. The Fire Station planning application wouldn't be a forgone conclusion would it?

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Balfour Beatty rejects Carillion takeover

18 Aug 2014

Posted by twowheelsgood in Open Forum

It's only a matter of time before this happens, following which there will be cost cutting and dumping of unprofitable departments, with 'Living Places' no doubt first in line. And then where will be ? It'll be the Jarvis/Amey stitch up all over again. Or do the sensible (and cheapest) thing and revert to direct labour?




Carillion by the way are currently claiming £1.3m compensation from Edinburgh City Council after bad weather prevented the Niddrie Burn Restoration Project from completing on time … yes - builder sues council for allowing bad weather. 

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Efflorescence On the Walls.

08 Dec 2013

Posted by bobby47 in Edgar Street Grid
For those of you who ain't interested and I for one can't blame you, the new shopping development has salt all over its brickwork. Putting aside the fact that this means the bricks are substandard and we have damp in the brickwork before a single shop has begun to trade, we are now blighted by another problem.
It's an all to predictable problem that often emerges when you've salt deposits all over the bloody walls. It allways happens. Simulacra, or as its better known, bloody apparitions.
I staggered past the East facing wall this afternoon and they were there. They allways are. Bloody pilgrims, staring up in wonder at the salty brickwork screaming hysterically, 'Halleluzah', they shouted, 'Lordy, Lordy be praised. A sign!'
I told them, ' well who in Gods name is this salty image supposed to be?', 'we ain't certain, but we reckon its either the Blessed Virgin Mary of Mary Magdalena. Our monies on it being a gift from Jehovah.'
'Rubbish', I said, 'I know rubbish when I see it and this is rubbish'. Mind, I can understand the fools seeing this as a sign. It's clearly a woman and to be fair it does look like a biblical Icon but I told them, 'I've read the New Testament from front to cover and not once has the good book mentioned that either of these two women were keen participants in athletics'.
This salty image clearly depicts a woman pole vaulting over a horizontal bar, wearing a sports bra and clutching a vaulters pole and her skirts, and whilst I accept it could be a genuine apparition, I'd need to hear some seriously compelling evidence to convince me that Mary Magdalene or The Virgin Mary were ever active competitors in Judean sporting events.
We don't want lepers, people with headlice and Ricketts tipping up here and draining our already overwhelmed public services, so I say, lets get this salt off the walls before our local economy takes another hit and we become the latest place for these bloody pilgrims to visit.

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Weekly list of planning public notices affecting the city

18 Apr 2014

Posted by megilleland in Planning

List of planning public notices affecting the city

It is a legal requirement for the council to give public notice of certain types of planning application and other planning matters by the display of an advert in a local newspaper.
If you wish to comment, please follow the advice contained in the notice.
The Town and Country Planning (Development Management Procedure) (England) 
Order 2010 Planning (Listed Buildings and Conservation Areas) Act 1990, Sections 67 & 73 
Application Types: 
P - Planning permission 
L - Listed Building Consent 
AC - Conservation Area Consent 
SL - Affecting the setting of a Listed Building 
AC - Affecting a Conservation Area 
D - Not in accordance with the provisions of the Development Plan 
RW - Affecting a public right of way 
T - For a telecommunications mast 
Provision of a pedestrian and cycle link between the southern end of Station Approach and the northern end of Canal Road. Requiring demolition of existing store building in builders merchant. Proposal includes street lighting and associated landscaping at Jewson Builders Merchant, Canal Wharf, Canal Road, Hereford 
Extension to changing room at Bowling Club Rear Of Asda, Belmont Road, Belmont, Hereford 
Insertion of windows to the north, east and west elevations at Left Bank, Bridge Street, Hereford
Making safe existing garden and boundary walls at Hereford Cathedral School, 29 Castle Street, Hereford 
Site for the development of up to 135 homes (including 46 affordable homes), public open space, new access (including demolition of 144 Aylestone Hill). Structural landscaping, sustainable drainage including balancing ponds and infrastructure and associated works at Land at 144 Aylestone Hill and land to the east of Aylestone Hill, Hereford 
If you wish to make representations or comments you can during the period of 21 days beginning with the date of the publication of this notice quoting the relevant number: 
By the Website: Using the online comment form 
By e-mail to: planning_enquiries@herefordshire.gov.uk 
By post to: - Planning Services, PO Box 230, Hereford, HR1 2ZB 
ANDREW ASHCROFT (Assistant Director) – 10th April 2014 


Interesting applications concerning Left Bank, Cyclelink and land to the east of Aylestone Hill. Not sure where you find the online comment form?

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Buckingham Pub To Become A Tesco Express

20 Mar 2014

Posted by Colin James in Whitecross

A former Hereford pub could be turned into a Tesco Express according to this article in the Hereford Times.


The supermarket giant has bought the lease of the former Buckingham Inn pub and has set the wheels in motion to turn it into a convenience store - creating up to 20 jobs.

The Buckingham on Whitecross Road will go the way of the Game Cock pub after the latter was converted into a Tesco Express on Holme Lacy Road in 2010.



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Council financial transparency

25 Nov 2013

Posted by megilleland in Open Forum

October expenses up on Counil's website.


From £10,811,299.47 spent this month the following stand out again.
£851,967.86 Redacted (not allowed to know to whom this money is being paid)
£587,902.68 Hoople
£338,771.14 Fcc Environment Services (uk) Ltd (formerly FOSCA waste)
£36,435.80 Hereford Futures
Redacted monthly sums since June 2013:
June £694,638.70
July £880,447.46
August £1,053,019.69
September £807,065.76
October £851,967.86
Total to date: £4,287,139.47


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