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Freedom Church Back In The News.

17 Jan 2015

Posted by dippyhippy in Open Forum

I meant to post this last night, but forgot!


I see that Freedom Church is making headlines once again, for all the wrong reasons. Over at Hereford Times an article states that they have been asked to leave Swansea University Campus, after blitzing it with leaflets, and holding religious services on site.


Not the first time their recruitment methods have been questioned. Anyone else remember the campaign which saw lollipops handed out to children outside the school gates? Tactics which at best could be described as showing a complete lack of judgement, at worst, rather sinister.


I also seem to recall being told that at one point in the not too distant past, a company whose staff consisted of  several leading lights within this church, had been given a contract to deliver sex education to pupils in some Herefordshire Schools. 


I have real concerns about this pay to pray organisation. 


How do others feel?

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EU referendum - In or Out?

25 May 2015

Posted by megilleland in Open Forum

With the General Election now over - there is possibly only two years (2017) before we get a referendum on whether to stay in the EU or get out. Having believed we would have had a change of government, nationally and locally by now, I do not have much confidence that any referendum will be conducted fairly in order that the ruling poitical parties get the result they and the EU want.


What are the benefits of being in or out for Hereford and the county? Maybe some information and facts through this topic could help us make a reasoned decision when voting, although I think we will be staying in the EU at any cost. Not for the benefit of the citizens, but for all those entwined in the machinations of the EU political and monetary systems.

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SCOOT and the 9 seconds lights

06 Feb 2014

Posted by ragwert in Hereford City

The traffic lights at the Edgar St jcn with Newmarket roundabout are on green for 9 seconds,four seconds less than before they were upgraded.
It looks to me that the SCOOT system is simply not working again.

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Herefordshire Council Confirms top appointments

22 May 2015

Posted by greenknight in Open Forum
There is a lesson here for all those who could not sit around a table and talk. The IOC have been punished so we now have too ride out the storm.
The Old Conservative guard have strengthened their position.

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Land at Three Elms

04 May 2015

Posted by Colin James in Kingsacre

I have just received this:


Subject : Land at Three Elms Community Planning Weekend, 15-19 May 2015

Dear Sir / MadamLand at Three Elms, Hereford Community Planning Weekend
Friday 15, Saturday 16 and Tuesday 19 May 2015
Whitecross Hereford High School, Three Elms Road, Hereford HR4 0RN
The Church Commissioners for England invite you to the Land at Three Elms Community Planning Weekend to inform the drawing up of an illustrative masterplan for a sustainable new neighbourhood to the west of Hereford.
Land at Three Elms has been identified in Herefordshire Council’s draft Local Plan as a location for a mixed use development to the west of the city. The Council has identified the land for around 1000 new homes, 10 hectares of employment land, new open space and recreation areas, which will form a sustainable new neighbourhood. This development can also help to bring long term investment into the city, including the delivery of new infrastructure.
John Thompson & Partners, architects and community planners, has been appointed by the Church Commissioners for England to work with the local community to inform and influence the development of an illustrative masterplan for the land. The Community Planning Weekend will be an opportunity to share local knowledge and contribute to planning the new neighbourhood through workshops and hands-on planning groups. There will also be an exhibition explaining the background of the site.  
Key dates
·         Friday, 15 May, 1.45pm-7.00pm: First day of Community Planning Weekend
·         Saturday, 16 May, 10.45am-4.00pm: Second day of Community Planning Weekend
·         Tuesday, 19 May, 6.00pm-7.30pm: Report Back of the New Neighbourhood Concept
For more information on the programme, please see the attached flyer. Please share this event with your networks – everyone is welcome!
Following the Community Planning Weekend, the design team will move forward to prepare an Outline Planning application for the site, which it is anticipated will be submitted to Herefordshire Council in early autumn 2015.
I look forward to seeing you at the Weekend.  In the meantime, if you would like any more information please contact me at on 020 7017 1780.
Yours faithfully
Charles Campion, Partner
John Thompson & Partners


Attached File  Land at Three Elms Community Planning Weekend.pdf   560.98KB   75 downloads

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Something completely different

14 Apr 2015

Posted by Denise Lloyd in Open Forum

It's official peeps, we are opening up our very own pizza hangout in Hereford... We're up to our… https://instagram.com/p/1Yh8ZjgsFG/ 


These are the guys who started  out by having a mobile cocktail van which featured on television sometime ago  and good luck to them.


Those who know us well know we've always been on the hunt for a place of our own, a shack we can call home. We've been searching far and wide looking for the perfect place to transform into a fun and relaxed hangout where all our famous fresh juices, funky cocktails and craft beers and ciders can be served. On top of that, we fallen in love with pizzas and will be offering amazingly tasty wood fired pizzas alongisde the bar. 

The location, in the centre of Hereford, will be open to you lovely people from 12pm-11pm wednesday - sundays.

We cant say a date unfortunately, but for now, just sit tight and get ready...The Shack Revolution are coming to Hereford. Amen.

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ATM Machine In The Old Market?

21 May 2014

Posted by H.Wilson in Edgar Street Grid

I am posting from my mobile and we are currently sat in Costa Coffee, can anyone please tell us where the nearest cash point is because we cannot see one?





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Grass cutting

21 May 2015

Posted by Slim in Open Forum

After slating the Council and Balfour Beatty last year, I would like to say that within the last week I have nothing but admiration for the immaculate looking grass verges, play spaces and community parks between Bobblestock and Widemarsh Common. A job well done gentlemen. Thank you.

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Weekly list of planning public notices affecting the city

18 Apr 2014

Posted by megilleland in Planning

List of planning public notices affecting the city

It is a legal requirement for the council to give public notice of certain types of planning application and other planning matters by the display of an advert in a local newspaper.
If you wish to comment, please follow the advice contained in the notice.
The Town and Country Planning (Development Management Procedure) (England) 
Order 2010 Planning (Listed Buildings and Conservation Areas) Act 1990, Sections 67 & 73 
Application Types: 
P - Planning permission 
L - Listed Building Consent 
AC - Conservation Area Consent 
SL - Affecting the setting of a Listed Building 
AC - Affecting a Conservation Area 
D - Not in accordance with the provisions of the Development Plan 
RW - Affecting a public right of way 
T - For a telecommunications mast 
Provision of a pedestrian and cycle link between the southern end of Station Approach and the northern end of Canal Road. Requiring demolition of existing store building in builders merchant. Proposal includes street lighting and associated landscaping at Jewson Builders Merchant, Canal Wharf, Canal Road, Hereford 
Extension to changing room at Bowling Club Rear Of Asda, Belmont Road, Belmont, Hereford 
Insertion of windows to the north, east and west elevations at Left Bank, Bridge Street, Hereford
Making safe existing garden and boundary walls at Hereford Cathedral School, 29 Castle Street, Hereford 
Site for the development of up to 135 homes (including 46 affordable homes), public open space, new access (including demolition of 144 Aylestone Hill). Structural landscaping, sustainable drainage including balancing ponds and infrastructure and associated works at Land at 144 Aylestone Hill and land to the east of Aylestone Hill, Hereford 
If you wish to make representations or comments you can during the period of 21 days beginning with the date of the publication of this notice quoting the relevant number: 
By the Website: Using the online comment form 
By e-mail to: [email protected] 
By post to: - Planning Services, PO Box 230, Hereford, HR1 2ZB 
ANDREW ASHCROFT (Assistant Director) – 10th April 2014 


Interesting applications concerning Left Bank, Cyclelink and land to the east of Aylestone Hill. Not sure where you find the online comment form?

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Newton spring/brook UNDERGROUND

22 May 2015

Posted by DILLIGAF in Newton Farm
One for the oldtimers! I remember my grandfather and his friends always moaning about the brook that was filled in when the Farm was built in the 50/60s.
Please envisage a blank canvas!!!!
From what I recall it went from redhill/callow, grosmont grove, top of Brampton rd, kilpeck, muir, Sherborne, millard, and into the brook on waterfield, on a kind of diagonal tangent! My grandfathers friends gardens were always wet in the height of summer!
My childhood house always has a damp back room, "condensation" sunken patio and a wet garden. Yet the neighbours didn't! This was also still the case a few years ago!!
Can anybody comment further?
The route is approximate, as you may see, a few brooks are drawn on there; and they didn't have aerial photography back then!!

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Southern Link Road Preferred Route

08 Nov 2014

Posted by megilleland in Planning
Herefordshire Council Newsroom 7th November 2014
On Thursday 13 November Herefordshire Council’s Cabinet will consider route SC2 as the preferred route for the Southern Link Road.
A total of eleven route options for the new road have been considered and appraised by the council’s consultants Parsons Brinkerhoff and the results are set out in a preferred options report which will be considered by cabinet.
The assessment has concluded that in order to address the transport problems and promote growth within the South Wye area, a new Southern Link Road from the A49 to the A465 (with a link to B4349) is necessary. 
Public consultation took place in July and August 2014 looking at four shortlisted routes. Following consideration of the feedback, a detailed appraisal of a three alternative routes suggested by the public and third parties also took place.
Each of the three additional routes were appraised to the same level of detail as the four options consulted upon. Each of the final routes were appraised in terms of engineering considerations, economic outcomes, impact to the environment, and an assessment of the social implications.
The Southern Link Road forms part of the South Wye Transport Package, which aims to promote economic growth within Hereford while tackling specific problems in the South Wye area.
If Cabinet approve the SC2 route, a planning application will be submitted before the end of the year.  The cabinet report and the preferred option report can be viewed on the council’s website.


According to the report and Hereford Times this route will cost £25 million which appears amazingly cheap when compared with the costs for the city Link Road. Note that this route is furthest out from the city - no doubt so it can be infilled with housing. The loss of woodland at Grafton Wood should be compensated with planting of trees and screening along route.

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Jesse Norman to be probed by police

19 Apr 2015

Posted by ragwert in Open Forum

Police are investigating a Tory MP over claims he attempted to bribe voters with chocolate cake.

Jesse Norman allegedly gave out cake while campaigning for re-election at an Asda supermarket in his Hereford constituency.

West Mercia Police last night said it was investigating reports of a breach of the Representation of the People Act 1983, which bans Election candidates from providing food, drink or entertainment in a bid to win votes.


Detectives are expected to speak to Mr Norman after he was photographed with trays of baked goods on April 2.

He described the allegations as ‘nonsense’, saying: ‘We had a couple of small boxes of chocolate muffins ... we may have given out one or two to children, who are not even voters.’

The probe follows would-be Ukip MP Kim Rose, who is standing in Southampton Itchen, being grilled by police for giving out sausage rolls at a party event earlier this year.

The 57-year-old has criticised the 'absolutely ridiculous' investigation after he was told he will face no further action.

Mr Rose said: 'The officers told me today that I have now entered the political world and I must no longer hand out sausage rolls.

'They told me I have got to watch anything I do. So I'm going to stay away from bakeries from now on - if I see one I'm going to run a mile.'

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I told you it would get worse!

17 Nov 2013

Posted by megilleland in Newton Farm
Things are steadily getting worse on Hereford's estates with not much activity on the ground.
Here on Newton Farm not only are Herefordshire Housing cutting the bulk of the grass, but also the Council's agents (used to be Amey and now Balfour Beatty), and in the case of our street, we pay a service charge for Muir Group Housing to cut the grass and keep the area tidy. 
There is no co-ordination between these bodies, so some grass gets cut and other areas are left to be cut at a later date. This results in an unkempt appearance and local residents not knowing who is responsible for which piece of land. There are pieces of land which have never been cut this year. The problems around the electricity sub-station in Sherborne Close still continue, with fly tipping amd split rubbish bags spewing their contents over the pavements every weekend. Not much hope of anything been done as this has been occuring and visible to anyone passing through this area since the first post here in June 2010.
This lack of co-ordination and co-operation to maintain our estates goes back to 2002 when the council handed over most of our green, open spaces to Herefordshire Housing and other Registered Social Landlords, when they got rid of their housing stock. Since then and several recessions later we were told these alterations and efficiency savings would benefit us the council tax payers and be easier to manage in the future. As we can now see this way of working has failed. There should be one contractor to cover the whole area by adopting all the open space. Balfour Beatty having got their £200 million contract with the council, and possibly a phone line connected in the near future, things could be different, but I doubt it.

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Crash : Holmer Road

21 May 2015

Posted by Roger in Open Forum

Lorry in collision with parked cars in Hereford city centre


A LORRY has been in collision with parked cars in Hereford city centre tonight.

Emergency services were called to Holmer Road at around 7.30pm following reports of a collision involving a HGV and two parked cars.

Two fire crews from Hereford, one from Kington and one from Droitwich with heavy rescue gear attended but no one was trapped.
The A49 at Newtown Road is currently partially blocked in both directions.


Where about's was this? Holmer Road is quite long! 

I'd be interested to see if it was anywhere near the Leisure Centre ....

Anonymous file story indicates the road is in the centre of town .... Nope! 

Plus a Droitwich Fire Engine? Crazy! 

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Local Election 2015.....The Results!

06 May 2015

Posted by dippyhippy in Open Forum

How organised are we??


I ask because in a little over 24 hours, the count will begin!


Are members who are "in the know", or just in the right place at the right time,able to post updates for the rest of us, as the results are known??


Personally speaking, I know I shan't sleep a wink until I have confirmation that Jim, Dazza, Jimbo, Paul, Amanda, Liz, Chris and Glenda have won their ward places..... and Pat, Harry and Tony are given their marching orders!


Fingers crossed,IOC will sweep into power, and Friday could herald a brighter future for Hereford and its residents!


Vive La Revolution, Comrades!

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