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Help Blackmarston School. Please read this!

04 Jul 2015

Posted by bobby47 in Open Forum
Dear friends, Blackmarston School is an extraordinary great place of care and learning and it provides a great education for our little ones who have disabilities that prevent them from attending a mainstream place of education.
I hope you'll all fully understand that a place like Blackmarston is unlike most places of learning that most of you will have encountered in your lives. Because of the many needs of the pupils, many of whom require a great deal of care and attention, the staffing levels are considerable higher than all mainstream Schools and consequently, when it comes to adequate funding, it's near on impossible to compare their needs and their staffing levels with any other typical School. Indeed, the largest slice of this Schools funding is spent on staff and whilst, in these hard times of austerity, mainstream Schools can withstand cuts in spending, a place like Blackmarston cannot without it having an extreme impact upon the pupils, the staff and the parents and carers.
The last three years have been hard on Blackmarston because the funding to support the School has remained static and it's anticipated that for the next five years there will be no increase in funding from the Government which means, sadly, through no fault of the School or its Administration, they will no longer be able to continue with the number of staff that are required to deliver the care and education our little ones need and deserve. Quite simply, based upon the funding that the School currently receives and is likely to receive throughout the next five years, their position is untenable unless the axe is wielded and staff are cut from the budget.
My Grandaughter is a pupil at this wonderful School and because of her special needs, she requires constant supervision, care and attention in just about any area of daily life that you can think of and so, I'm hoping that you will all make your comments, support this School and if at all possible communicate your views of concern to the Headteacher Mrs Sian Bailey who, on the 10th, July will be meeting our MP Mr Jesse Norman who is and will continue to be a great supporter of the School.
Her email is...[email protected] The postal address is....Blackmarston School, Honddu Close, Hereford.
The aim? Simply to push the Government and the Local Authority into rethinking their low level of funding to Blackmarston School. This is not just a School! These are not just typical pupils and the staff who are now aware that their jobs may be threatened are not just ordinary Teaching Staff. The School, the pupils, the staff and all who are connected with this wonderful place of care and learning are far from ordinary. Extraordinary is the word I'd use! They are the best of the best and they deserve to be properly and fully funded so that the little ones receive the very best that we can offer, so, please communicate your support and views to the Head of this wonderful School Mrs Sian Bailey.

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Herefordshire - Cheapest Beers In UK


Posted by Colin James in Open Forum

The cheapest beers in the UK revealed after price of a pint rises 4.3%. Article


More rounds to the pound in Herefordshire - Another good reason to support local pubs.


It’s enough to leave southern beer drinkers frothing - for the price of a pint is 82p dearer than the north.

The brew-ha-ha is revealed today by booze bible The Good Pub Guide which found bargain beer hunters should head for the rural county of Herefordshire where locals pay just £3.10 for a pint.
Old Bridge Hereford.jpg
Herefordshire - one of the quietest English counties
But rip-off prices in London and Berkshire mean drinkers are being hammered by a 20% difference for their favourite tipple, splashing out £3.92, while beer fans in Sussex pay £3.66 and Surrey pub-goers hand over £3.63.

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Buskers, chuggers and beggers


Posted by Bilbobobby in Open Forum
Have you noticed an increase in 'chuggers' spread 3/4 times a week across the city centre - are they locally regulated, do you get p..s.d off by being ambushed every 50m. Do you support the street buskers who do bring a bit of colour and vibrance to the area (deflecting the bomb site eye sore). Lastly should beggers be tolerated if polite and not the usual suspects who ask for a bit of change and then spend it on drink or drugs. Is Hereford any different to other similar size towns/cities...debate and views - politely and not by pointing the usual finger of blame please...

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31 Aug 2015

Posted by Ubique in Open Forum
Some of you will know that Mrs U runs a Hedgehog Rescue from our home in Tillington.

Hollycroft Hedgehog Rescue 01432 769375.

Over the last couple of weeks it has become very apparent that finders of hedgehogs are not sure what to do if they see one out in the day so this is what she would like you to do please.

If you find a small hedgehog, or one lying out in the day.. DON'T IGNORE IT.. IT NEEDS HELP NOW! not tomorrow. ( Hedgehogs do not sunbathe )
Do not leave it to see if it will go away.
Do not stick it under a hedge.
Pick it up, put it in a DEEP box or carrier with towels or an old fleece jumper,
KEEP IT WARM and quiet.
Call a Hedgehog Rescue immediately . Of course if it appears injured please take it to a Vet , there should be no charge and once treated they will pass the 'hog onto a Hedgehog Rescue.
Please do not give it anything to eat until you have spoken to somebody, you can offer it a shallow bowl of water only.
Please remember these hedgehogs DO NOT ALWAYS HAVE THE LUXURY OF TIME.

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extended sunday opening.

26 Aug 2015

Posted by Adrian symonds in Open Forum

I think this is a bad idea, no doubt a tory thing to help their business mates get even more money so they can give even more money to the Tory party.


I am not religious, but I think it would be nice if we could do without going shopping for at least one day a week. With 24 hour shopping and online shopping, surly we do not need even more hours for people to shop.


People are forced to work sundays in stores these days, certainly when they start the new job, it is you work sunday because that is the way it is or you do not have a job.

I work Sundays, while I was not forced into it as such in that I would lose my job, the way things was worded was not nice.



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Hereford Weekly Locality Briefing 04/09/2015


Posted by Colin James in Open Forum

Dear Councillors and Parish Clerks,


I would like to take this opportunity to let you all know that I have been appointed as the Locality Steward for the Hereford City South Locality.  I love working in Hereford City and I hope that I can make a difference.


Please see below an update on work carried out this week in the locality:


The sink hole on Folly Lane just before the traffic lights – This  has been fix and  I will keep an eye on this.



Works that have been carried out by the reactive teams in the last week:



Saxon Gate

  • Norton Avenue Re set Kerb  5


Eign Hill

  • 10mm Wearing Course 1 sq. meter


Hinton and Hunderton

  •  Remove Mud / 100 meter
  •  Drybridge Walk   Remove Mud / Spoil 100 meter


Newton Farm 

  • Empty Overflowing Bin 1


Some of the matters I have been involved with this week include  :

  • Carried out driven statutory inspections
  • Closed footpath HER18 running from the sewage works to HER17 ( This will remain closed for the foreseeable future)
  • Enquiries 
  • Drop Crossing  application


Please feel free to ring or email me at any time and I will be happy to help. Have a lovely weekend.


Many thanks 


Matthew Heeley 



Matthew Heeley

Acting Locality Steward Hereford City South| Balfour Beatty | Services | Living Places

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Sausage & Cider Family Festival

29 Aug 2015

Posted by Colin James in Hinton

It's all happening this weekend!


Sausage & Cider 2.jpg

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Fraudulent banks, utility companies and corrupt courts

11 Jun 2014

Posted by megilleland in Open Forum
Support For Guy Taylor Needed
On today's UK Column News - https://www.youtube....h?v=n1v_ntEj7qs - Guy Taylor gave an update on his continuing battle with fraudulent banks, utility companies and corrupt courts.
To give a little background, Guy's fight began when a Barclays Bank manager allegedly created a fraudulent loan in Guy's name using a forged signature. Details of this can be seen in an episode of our documentary series Insight which can be viewed here: https://www.youtube....h?v=ehklozL6b90
Recently events came to a head when Guy had Bodenham Manor, a property bought by his father for cash and for which there is no outstanding debt, stolen from him when bailiffs, supported by 50 or more police evicted him and his tenants from the property. 
Guy has demonstrated that all this has happened on the basis of fraudulent documents, and as he showed on the UK Column News today, he has confirmation from the court where the latest documents were apparently issued from that they did not issue them and no hearing took place there.
Now they are attempting to steal his own home, on which, again, there is no outstanding debt.
So we are asking everyone who can possibly do it to come to Guy's home on Tuesday to support Guy in his efforts to see off this unlawful intimidation. We need as many people on site as possible equipped with cameras, video cameras and notebooks to record events as they happen. 
The eviction is due to start at 11am on Tuesday the 17th June 2014 at Pear Tree Farm, Carey, Hereford HR2 6NG.
We hope to see you there, but whether you can get there or not, please pass this to as many people as possible, and keep an eye on our lunchtime news programmes for updates.

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Should I pay a private parking ticket?

17 Feb 2013

Posted by H.Wilson in Hinton

I was parked in the Welsh Club car park for no more than about 10 minutes early this morning, while I dropped off my son to play football on the meadows, when I got back there was a guy putting a ticket on my car. I have been told by a friend now that I should not pay it because it is not a penalty, can anyone else through any light on this please?

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Selling England by the (offshore) pound

03 Sep 2015

Posted by gdj in Open Forum

I thought some of you might be interested in this new project by Private Eye.  They have produced an interactive map showing land and buildings owned by offshore registered companies (a well known tax avoidance tactic).   You can zoom in and see which bits of Hereford and Herefordshire are owned in this way.


Who'd have thought that the Imperial in Widemarsh St, leasehold, would be owned via the Cayman Islands, for example?


Here is the link.  They also allow anyone who knows a bit more about any of these to let them know the details.



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Mind your Land Rover

02 Sep 2015

Posted by greenknight in Police & Crime
Just for info a fair few landies are being stolen at the moment particularly Defenders and the old series. Another one was stolen last night in Much Cowerne Vehicle Reg:K319KEX

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Abandoned House In Newton Farm

31 Jul 2015

Posted by Colin James in Newton Farm

This was posted on our FaceBook page today:


Does anybody know the owner of 29 pixley walk . It was abandoned over 15 years ago and it's left to ruin . It's now a health hazard and a total eyesore on the estate . Also now the gates have blown down its open to children and one of them will be seriously hurt before long . The council don't seem to want to know.


Pixley Walk.jpg

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Hereford council switchboard!18 minutes no response.

02 Sep 2015

Posted by M. Preece in Open Forum

I Have telephoned Herefordshire Council this morning on the number listed Tel 260500. Automated answer, (which really bugs me because now I am paying to listen to their silly messages) I waited over 14 minutes and all I kept hearing was a message saying a customer service representative will be with your shortly, alternatively I can go to their website. I waited and waited, eventually after 18 minutes I hung up in frustration. 18 minutes!! This is a joke it really is. :Thumbs-Down:

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Herefordshire Council (housing solutions team)

13 Jan 2015

Posted by Guest_smartieno1_* in Open Forum

I have had to send a letter of complaint to Herefordshire council as they tried to close the Housing Solutions Team early on Monday and were potentially turning homeless people away unlawfully....for anyone interested here's my letter of complaint plase feel free to ask any sensible questions...anything unconnected to the topic or about me personaly will be reported to Colin so please behave fairly and sensibly or leave my post alone:

Dear Christine,

I write further to my telephone-call and I confirm that I wish to complain about the fact, that I found the Housing Solutions service closed early on Monday and people presenting to Franklin House were being told by untrained and inexperienced receptionists to return the following day (see link to my Facebook page:)


I noted that after having taken the photo, four members of the Housing Solutions team, managed to come down and clear the back-log of people waiting to use the Housing solutions Service, so it is clear to me that the sticker should never have been placed on the machine.

I also wish to complain about Kevin Badham approaching me outside of Franklin House to demand why I took a photo of the sticker.  My personal business has nothing to do with Mr Badham or any other member of the Housing Solutions Team and I would have preferred it, if he had left me alone especially as I was busy supporting a homeless person outside of your building.  It should be remembered that I no longer make direct contact with your colleagues from the Housing Solutions Team because of the complaint that is with the LGO and also because Mr Hughes has asked me not too.  So I cannot for the life of me, understand why Kevin would approach me, unless he intended to provoke me and belittle me in front of members of the public.  If that was indeed his intention, then he succeeded and it was for that reason I told him to, "Shut up and go away from me."
This kind of behaviour by the Housing solutions Team is outrageous, wrong and indicative of everything that is rotten with this service.  As I pointed out to the receptionists yesterday, if someone vulnerable had read that sticker, they would have probably left and returned to the streets or to some other place that was unsuitable, life threatening or down right dangerous to live-in.  And your organisation would be responsible in part for any DEATH that would have happened.

I want something done about the Housing Solutions Service and I want it done quickly because they have proved themselves to once again be unfit for purpose and I should not be having to micro-manage this service, especially as I am untrained, uninsured and ill equipped to police them.

I will be happy to have a full written apology from Collette and Kevin and I would like a letter of thanks from Helen and Geoff for once again, having saved Herefordshire Council from breaking the law and being involved in unsavoury and potentially life-threatening practices.

Yours truly,

Phil Smart  

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Whitehouse Pub

23 Oct 2014

Posted by dippyhippy in Tupsley

Does the Tupsley Community Group now own the old "Whitehouse Pub" up at Whittern Way?? Or is it owned by some other group??


I ask, because it is an absolute eye sore....a magnet for vandalism and appears to have been empty for months if not years with no clear plan for what it's future holds. I had a conversation today the gist of which was the good folks who run The Cock Of Tupsley very successfully, have enquired about buying it, as they would like to re open it, and run it as an extension to their thriving business.


No. Was the answer. Apparently just one person gets to say "No". No committee meeting, no vote, just one persons say so.(Who does that remind you of???)


So whoever does own this.....either get it tidied up, and open....or let someone else do it!!!


Letting it fall into an even greater state of disrepair should not be an option!

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